passing around the glittery shoes

in the dream
i arrive early to
tuesday and a few others in
indoor pool/hot tub glow
setting up for a
dance party/art event and then
she’s co-counseling me on the phone
during a super rough support-needed time
and when her turn to be counseled comes around
i have to herd the playground kids
for an earthquake drill only
maybe it’s not even a drill
but the real thing and i point to the hills
let the others know we’re headed that way

kitten party on and around
unfurled cistern-perched yoga mat
while i do 100 bicycles
hold plank
until it’s as if all the stretching
was what pulled the cloud curtain
off the sky

cynthia-made sequinned mask
passed on (gifted) with accompanying stories
while omelet cooks
i peer out through the hand-cut eyeholes
as if everything that exists
was cracking in half i say
about last night’s loudest-i’ve-ever-heard
three-part thunderclap that was way less like a clap
and more like a detonation

lowering chomped collard seedlings
into hoophouse bed’s reverse nests
followed by a decent dose
of fish water
strawberry chocolate cynthia says
thought of you
more silence i self- prescribe
best attempt i can think of to
short circuit old/new hurt

didn’t catch a single fish except one
emory says in an animated
report-back from the ozarks and illinois
have a cookie he gestures to
the bag on the benchtable

frankie’s got good
dance party outfits emory calls out
under the karma ceiling fan swirling star
while mica cues up the
4-song dance party playlist

i emerge in black selkie onesie
sequin short shorts
tiger stripe cap
sequin kerchief and sequin arm band


to sly and the family stone
beastie boys
tears for fears
and lorde
we jump sashay moonwalk shimmy
passing around the glittery shoes