under gray-sky-clearing
mica’s day off we
(mica, nina, me)
cistern-top yoga
surrounded by sunflower sway
as long as the battery lasts
and then some

fabius riverside sandy beach lunch perch
where we  pluck inadvertently minty dried apples
(dried apples stored in jar that once stored mint)
from pint size mason jar and talk about
whether our parents would be
fun people to hang out and smoke pot with

nina, mica and i
laughing and rambunctiously singing
uphill and down as we pedal
through our fumblings of old german
(the song about how the rain is coming
and the farmer has to get everything
[corn harvest?] under shelter)

breaking away hurtling
ahead hoping
the length of train will still
be stretching itself out under me
when i arrive at bridge overlook

nina and i inspect wraparound bruise
starting on the underside of
second toe but also sortof starting
on topside site of cleating

a round of exquisite knucks
resulting in the following
sharpie’d mysteries revealed:
slug gold
burn flow
time tuna
fire blob
ogre chad
best flew
cats tart

does it have a fruiting body mica asks
in the first round of
the smurfing game
(in which one person leaves the room
and the remaining people decide what
smurfing means
and when the person who left returns
they can ask as many questions as they need
to arrive at the correct answer [for instance:
is smurfing something people do? do all people
smurf? when do people smurf?])

first drops on the edge of the distant storm
and the drops after that
and the drops after that
landing on skin of limbs and face
me star-splayed back-laid
on cistern under patchy and sometimes lightning sky

echoing everywhere i say
pants or not pants the
disembodied voice gurgling up
(along w/ m.i.a.’s bad girls loops)
while sleep tosses its life ring around
and pulls me in


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