the bewilderment

like a doctor the organics inspector
crisp behind small but precise glasses
and clean unwrinkled peach button down short sleeve shirt
item by item we go over the forms i am
careful to not call our compost compost
faint but visible bruise
mica points out in karma living room light
on top of the cleated foot
accompanied by strange taut swelling
on underside pad below toes

monarch butterfly dropping down
in and lifting up out of
the patch of zinnias in
swigs of chocolate almond milk
and bubbly sips of la croix peach pear
signs of a savorer

srtrength and resilience tyler says
emotionality nina says (vulnerable/strong)
bringing beauty mica says
love stan says and eye contact
while we circle around the dinner

the making of which was one small sliver
of the healing
carrot butter
african lentil spread
massaged kale salad with basil, ‘sun’dried sungolds, one of the few cucumbers and
a side of toasted/tamari’d seeds
pile (of humans) and popcorn (in a bowl) on bed
i click through pictures with my toe first
then nina shares hers beginning with arrival
and ending with the build

my friends nina calls the spiders
mica sucked up with the shop vac
but who will i talk to says nina
songs have been my mantras i say
and sing the four small but life-boaty lines:
lay down the earth
breathe in the air
open up to the water
step into the fire
that do indeed give me courage

to step into the wildfire sweeping
across forested heart wilderness

the bewilderment of
being a human with a heart in a world
of other humans with hearts



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