fistfulls of witness / known by jewels

every time i go into the darkness
i return with fistfulls of jewels i sing
to the hoophouse tomatoes
and cucumbers
and tomatillos
and sky

ashby the cat goes for a ride
in the garden cart
down to lookfar
mulch almost too hot under
my bare feet i drop
little seed treasures
(one to four inches apart)
that will grow up to be daikons
in no time
methodically making
my way down one row
of tomatillos in pre and post lunch sun clearing
the nut sedge and other grasses
and plucking the papered fruits
from ground and branch

half a hedgehog in
jack’s jowls
as he chomps
under the cedar tree
clear eyes
full hearts
can’t lose shiz says
about going in to another year
teaching third grade nuts
i saw you working/trying really hard
for a good while she says
massaging kale in that
small rectangular light blue kitchen
i really love being witnessed/known
by you i respond


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