discussing dark

escapee cow (shiny black) spurred into running
by my approaching running motion on road
along fence ahead of me
attempting to get back in
not baby not adult
as told by proportions of limbs to body
cute stoutness
should we be observed from a distance
it could be interpreted as
person taking cow-friend for a run
or rather cow-friend taking person for a run

whatever you’re with he says
has the capacity to change and move
when we act out triggeredness
we become narrow, one dimensional
(recall the image of a crumb)
you gotta lean into it
there is so much power there


feels like fall we’re all saying
first wool-sock-wearing of the season and
mica and i crossing paths
each of us in our liana-gave-this-t0-me hoodie

mica and i pedal forward side by side
up/down the rise/fall hills
alongside green swaths of field
into brewing sky

five of us circled
around the centrally located popcorn bowl
each taking a turn
revealing a vulnerability and shames
(how i want to take that part of me
and kick it off a cartoon cliff i say
how i never want to feel/see/be with
her (feels appropriate to give that shameful part a pronoun) again)
which links back to
pain, yes, but there is so much power there


mae says really, come over anytime
while showing us the ducklings

the 5-year porch/covered space unwalled
the efforts of todays’ plastering
althea clinging to me i carry
her on my back
on my hip
rub her chilly limbs warm
the view from there: rolling hills

bales perched on them
tree lines
all bucolic in the distance
a la the view from 2000

sun through window into
water in glass on table
the glow/shine rattling in my eye
as the table rattles from young feet
on floor

wherein i whip out the pair of sequin
gold short shorts that i carried with me
like a mantra (just in case)
and offer them to alyssa saying
you don’t even need to put them on
(when she says they won’t fit her)
you can wear them on your head
around your arm
or just kindof drape them on your shoulder
and let the sequins
do their magic
good night good night
time sends a warning call
sweet dreams descend on all
time time sends a warning call
we sing sweetly as the circle (of song)

breaks apart to stack chairs and turn off
lights and hug each other off to the
dark of slight-moon night
when the predators come a-lurkin’
chickens be a-twerkin’
(even those broody hens
gettin up off those eggs for a little)

ty and i in the truck cab bent overĀ  laughing under
crescent moon lowering itself into western sky
discussing dark and closing-up-chickens o’clock