resemble the edges

in the dream
i think it was night
and on the sidewalk
was a small crew (5 or 6) of kids (early to mid 20s)
and they were
and punching one
and it was the first time i heard
the crack of bones
and again
and i called out
for them to stop
tried and failed to
put my body between
told them (lied) i called the cops
(best way i knew to make them run)
and then
either through the news
or some dream-ability to
rewind and shift perspective
i witness the preamble:
they had already done the brain-deading damage
to this kid
a skull crushing against wall
(indoors somewhere. a house. apartment)
so that the kid i was witnessing out on the sidewalk
somehow standing up
somehow shuffling along
was already life-drained

that this body can handle
the 170?# weight
of illy’s cleated foot
stepping onto my own
and respond with a small swelling
and rising of heat
this morning’s sky/cloud message
(upon each pond backfloat
i read sky/cloud)
suggests motion. movement. waves

after lunch, nina, ty and i
on front porch
discussing squats, bus parks, tent cities
in the u.s. and abroad
and after nina jokes about
returning to tomato city
(where diligently lifts sealed quart jars
from pots of boiling water
with that special jar-grabber tool)

like a beaded curtain
strings/streams of rain water
across doorway
(runoff formed by the ruts
in corrugated roofing)
of the bike shed whose shelter
i stand under
facing out

open source i joke with alyson
anyone can use it about the
magic/tool of the
fuckit bucket image
(the place to toss all the bullshit story/spinnings/thoughts
and then toss/empty the contents
out the window)
the truth is i say i showed up/keep showing up
with a ripped-open heart

hard to believe i write we inhabit
the same world when i consider
my freedoms and your confinement
on a postcard addressed to
the clinton corrections facility in
dannemora, new york
midwest mountains:
when the shape and color of
clouds and light along sunset horizon
resemble the edges and rises
of mountains looming
(and tonight, at sunset walk
peaches, golds, dusty purples
reveal themselves between cloud blanket
and horizon line creating
midwest mountain illusion looming
in desert formation shapes)


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