holding/not holding

how i fold in when asked
two things i’m looking forward to
because it’s tough to look forward
from the grief seas
writing a letter i say and
backing pumpkin bread with those
amazing-looking pie pumpkins
consider yourself officially inducted i say
slipping sequin-shine cuff onto
trish’s wrist into the Fun Zone

sweat slippery-ifying
where the backs of thighs and backs of calves touch
as i squat/kneel in hoophouse
to get down on plant-level
harvesting sungold (open-pollinated) tomatoes

did you rip yrself a new one
i joke/ask ty who wanders
in his post-40-mile-ride
shredded shorts
whir/hum/buzz of drill

as i remove screws
undoing interior window shutter/framing
in order to dismantle mouse nest
tucked within

the duct tape holding/not holding
mica’s shredded pants

baby mouse #2 captured
in plastic tub and released into
the green of this world
sky (air) cools with storm-edge
drifting/rolling in
feels like a first taste
of fall

i’m still working hard i realize/say/sniffle
in my check-in upon detailing
all the thinking and note-taking and
heart-brainscanning and
evaluating and questioning
for future unfoldings and
perspective on the present