subsequent sadnesses

morning baby mouse sitting
still and exposed in doorway
which i trap between wall and shoes and hand
in order to capture in tupperware and release
into green green growth
(same creature i met/observed last night
exploring floorboards, shoes, crumbs
that i had hoped i wouldn’t have to kill
went to sleep scheming
catch and release)

lift me up emory requests/asks
to the rim so i hoist and he pulls
on the net until he is hanging
from basketball hoop

the infinite hero
the fearless and persistant
the champion of champions
the undefeatable UNICORN!!!
i call out holding the
rainbow-maned unicorn up in the air
that took one look at emory’s rubber band gun and said
i’m not afraid and proceeded to
wobble when hit but never
fall over
why emory asks about the breaking up
do you not like her anymore?
no i say lifting a forkful of stuffed pepper to my mouth
tears arising with the ache
no, i really like her…
i love her a lot

i select a stick from emory’s sampler
and light it blue haze filling the room
piñon and i explain
how this is what running through chilly
norteño new mexico mornings
(when the weather turned
and folks stoked their stoves)
smelled like

detangling lines and hooks and tackle
while emory condenses his collection
into one box for travel
i ask about the difference
between soft lures and hard lures
noting the glitter and
curious about the fly-fishing feathereds

dive bomb wasp
stinger to neck
outside karma door
damn i call out
chewing up plantain
and placing 0ver sting zing
before carrying on with cookshift

can you grab the other end i ask
emory who helps me lift the
50 pound ripped bag of yard-left dog food
that jack has started to get into

onto the cart and then
after some resistance
he slowly fills the 5 gallon bucket

your grief trish appreciates at dinner circle
and your open heart

sauce queen mica calls me
in response to the dinner spread featuring
basil chimichurri and lemon tahini dressing
(acocmpanied by lentil salad
pizza-less pizza and
shredded cabbage/carrot salad)

plucking still warm (dehydrated) sungold tomatoes
from plastic racks
tears in my eyes i
share various thursday details
and subsequent sadnesses/questions/clarities

knock knock joke puppet show
orchestrated behind the
towel-draped clothes drying rack
giraffe (emory) and lion (mica)
whose names i forget
and home-popped kettle corn
in a bowl at our knees



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