when hatcheting

ouch of rock-road gravel under
thin-soled feet
sky hazing to the east and all
moody blues to the west

7something a.m. heading back towards whitehouse
marie approaches as i recede we
hi-five in the crossing
work in diagonals she tells us
hand choked way up the handle
when hatchetting something
into a point unless
you’re chopping firewood

with hatchets, mauls, hammers
she says let the weight of the tool
do the work for you
the middle measurement
cynthia says

of the mortise is your
main concern


remind you of anything trish asks
of the pale wood fibers she braids/twists
around each other and then ties
around my wrist

snack-bringer extraordinaire baigz
brings us fruit punch tea
and pops afternooon corn
with the flavorfullest seasonings

wherein i finish my first
and possibly only tenon
featuring the famous feature
of a spiraling shoulder which
cynthia resolves in a quick minutes
(and there is something about this work that
unlike gardening [perhaps because the
skills/body mechanics are still so new]
there is no mind-spiral-buzz-stuckness
which is perhaps the greatest gift of this project)
adam and i examining
possible views of the future
from cow barn loft

the many million meanings of aqui

from the water world:
People swim in a floating swimming pool anchored on the bank of the Spree River in Berlin, Germany.- voice of america, day in photos

A girl swims to escape the heat in front of a large cutout that raises awareness of the water shortage, at the Han River Park in Seoul, South Korea. A heat wave warning was issued as temperatures soared above 32 degrees Celsius (89.6 Farenheit). – voice of america, day in photos

Palestinians and Israelis bathe in a natural spring in Ein Fawwar, near the West Bank city of Jericho, as temperatures in the Jordan valley reached 48 degrees Celsius (118.4 Fahrenheit). – voice of america, day in photos

Workers collect dried fish from a plastic fish drying mesh placed over a polluted river in Navotas city, north of Manila, Philippines. The dried fish are being sold at a wet market for 150 pesos ($3.40) per kilogram. – voice of america, day in photos


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