building is a bunch of people making something together

one last mini morning song circle
to send annie home
spring sting pay attention

spring sting slow down
we sing along with the
going up the mountain song
(going up the mountain
not coming down til morning
i’m going up the mountain
not coming down in chains)
and a few rounds of the farewell song
whose lyrics i can’t remember
and most of the time have difficulty singing
because they usually make me want to cry
in our send0ff gratitude circle i say
i recently wished to someone
that they be broken open by beauty
that’s what you’ve done here
for us/for me

you’re an ocean marie says
you carry us
and there are other witnessings:
of steady presence
and how i show up to life
and take it in

peach wood pendant on black cord
carved by baigz and
sanded by trish and joseph
gifted to annie for
leading us

building cynthia says
is a bunch of people
making something together
before she explains the
mortises and tenons

unnamed phenomenon: the pleasure
of witnessing someone doing the thing (or a thing)
they are really skilled and good at
[for instance: witnessing trish organizing the
black mesa fundraiser or watching cynthia
carve away witha  chisel at the end of a post
to form a tenon while she talks about
working with wood or annie
seated on her round woven mat
leading us through another
song in three parts]
and the extra bonus of having been witnessed (doing
your thing you do) by them


someone once explained cynthia said
working with wood as the
interactions of plant, mineral and animal:
you are the animal, the (metal) tools are the mineral
and the wood is the plant

the beamery she calls it
the workspace we make under the cedar tree
with benches and saw horses
upon which we lay the timbers
that we shape into posts

the repetition/rhythm
of pulling the drawknife
towards me
towards me
towards me
to strip bark from beam

both people could be doing the same job he says
but one of them thinks they’re just moving rocks
and the other thinks i’m building a cathedral

ian perching on the round timber
while i work away at the tenon on its end
with chisel and mallet
most of the time it is just hand work and patience
but eventually we both get to talking
about where we were
before our respective heres

emory howling and
dragging the timber he peeled away
from the work site when he discovers
its destiny of being chopped up
into support beams
rather than being one of the
four poles that holds everything up
and later his tear-stained face
as he delivers chocolate milk
with cinnamon and cardamom
to the crew of builders

thank you snack faeries i call out
to trish who brought out a huge bowl
of popcorn and emory the beverage deliverer
the word of the week seems to be transformation –
an entire charm of hummingbirds i write
(did you know a group of hummingbirds
is called a charm?)
bursting out of my sliced open chest

from the water world:
Myanmar opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi (c) rides a boat on her way to a monastery where flood victims are sheltered in Bago, 80 kilometers (50 miles) northeast of Yangon. – voice of america, day in photos

An Afghan woman carries a bucket of water on her head on the outskirts of Kabul. – voice of america, day in photos

Migrants on a rubber dinghy wait to be rescued by the Migrant Offshore Aid Station (MOAS) ship MV Phoenix, some 20 miles (32 kilometres) off the coast of Libya. Some 118 migrants were rescued from a rubber dinghy off Libya on Monday morning. The Phoenix, manned by personnel from international non-governmental organizations Medecins san Frontiere (MSF) and MOAS, is the first privately funded vessel to operate in the Mediterranean. –voice of america, day in photos



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