year of nourishment

one example of kabillion of my savor-er-ness:
the last three heaping sno-cap ice cream bites
i can’t finish so i pack them up in the thermos for later

wherein i break out the industrial-sized mandolin
to shred cone-head cabbage for the hugest bowl of
coleslaw to be served at our black mesa fundraiser

butterfly flapping
into my face as i run down
the pebble path towards karma


baigz and i talking across butcher block while
he prepares carrot cabbage salad and i
chop onions, carrots, potatoes, cabbage

chai spice and sweetness
filling kitchen air while
two skillets of veggie masala
stove-top simmer
thinking about how 40 is
going to be about nourishement
(and making/exchange)
and being on track instead of
 wondering about how to do it


effervescent stan says
about me

emory talking to me from the back seat
where he sits in earmuffs so big they eat his face
his voice louding all over the car

perched on back porch of garage-punk-show
as it bellows/howls out across the village
we pass around the tupperware of
yellow spongey earplugs

emory and i laying side by side on our stomachs
on casa porch, elbow-resting
while ryan plays arizona drone folk
acoustic and circling out on itself
emory leans over to share how he keeps
drifting off to sleep but then being woken
every time a mosquito bites him
which is often
for all of us porch-gathered at this
time of day


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