harvest is thin

before the day heats up
we chase the disc and each other
up/down the dew-wet field
it’s kindof excessive i respond
when kale appreciates my vocalizations

placing spearmint on
dehydration racks under
not yet noon sun
sweat rising to skin surface
on calves
dripping down chin
(107 tyler says heat index)
hi-five pop-up card featuring
heart and stars rainbowified
and two bears (one polar, one panda)

pack of fruit-striped gum
(sent in reference to a
seattle halloween costume)
passed around and around
at the meeting to keep up
with the quickly disintegrating flavor
you look like a gym teacher trish says
of the tank shirt mouth full of chew combo
we talk tomatoes and
canning quotas knowing this year
the harvest is thin

hoophouse flopping-over tomato busted trellis hedge: two points
frank the tank: one point
pesto roasted potatoes scent
originating in oven-warmed kitchen
and radiating outwards

everyone was in the streets
celebrating and crying
nina says of the berlin wall coming down
my mother didn’t know a germany without it
come with us rachel responds
to my don’t go regarding
her and dan’s bike departure/doughnut run
set for tomorrow morning
(wherein jello wrestling
may or may not be involved)

gorgeous wilderness i call her
sending shivery sweet dreams
and all varieties of light
i have ever known

night breeze making a nearly
mosquito-less moonglow lightning flicker hammock sit possible

from the water world:

A helicopter from the Andalusian Firefighting Service (INFOCA) drops water over scrub land during a forest fire in Los Barrios, near Cadiz. Since July 19 wildfires have ravaged nearly 39,000 hectares of land in Spain, according to the provisional figures from the agriculture ministry. – voice of america, day in photos

A boy plays near a fountain depicting a water tap in the Siberian city of Krasnoyarsk, Russia. – voice of america, day in photos



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