sing the storm on

rachel and dan on their
farm bike from winona tour
bent over in lookfar with us
tugging at tomato and pumpkin weeds
we joke about evangelical christian
jello wrestling and other
sexy-so-you-can-feel-guilty teenage arrangements

like a long dark wave
rolling across the length of sky i
describe standing under storm
in look-far watching it come in
from the west
how the air forms a cool edge
just before the winds pick up
then the downpour

under cover of plastic where
rain slams and runs down
hoophouse curve i perch
and howl/sing the storm on

baby bunny body
rigor mortisy
in trish’s cupped palm
on front porch

applause and cheering sounds of
rounds of the game affirmation
unfolding on front porch while
lulu, baigz and i
strategize with our
fundraising prowess
the story of a
passive aggressive prayer bell


forerunners i say in the
bag of nouns world
while we make up and execute a
fifth round of
making sound under a sheet

sharpies uncapped we
knuckle-tatt the fists
to our left and right
revealing the following:
riot life
wyld lyon
dark trip
butt dusk
tent bone
glam neon

how we just had
to talk about / storytell
the prairie burn again
moon haze hnaging in sky
glow diffused over hill
down gravel
across limbs of trees and me


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