but the zinnias

hey! must be the money! song
comes up over lunch
and we chorus in
joking about aluminum can pyramids on
front porch and letting the dishes pile
up in the racks and then buying
twelve more racks just so
we never have to put the dishes away
and then there’s also the riverboat casino vision
which would be more like a single slot machine
on a canoe (casinoe – trish didn’t think this was funny)
and emory fishing off the end and tookie
playing somber piano music and the two
vacationers on the casinoe exchanging glances
to each other that say

this is NOT what we expected!
meager haul of seed cucumbers
(zingy yellow gold skinned)
filling perhaps half of a 5 gallon bucket

nina and i discovering/comparing chin scars
the two questions i ask she says
bicycle? alcohol?
7 stitches for hers this year
6 stitches each for me both times (1985 and 2000)
befuddled/astounded and wishing i had a name for it:
how my view/understanding/context of this land/geography/area
has remained steady and similar (and having to do with
a simple, somewhat isolated, hands-in-earth, dirt-on-clothes,
but then, seeing the view through a just built loomy house
window featuring pond and firepit and tree line
(akin to a martha or better homes photo)
shifts the entire perspective/feel of placeness
use my hand i say
and offer my reach

for emory to haul himself up onto the
high-tech floaty upon which trish and i lounge
on the neese’s duck-weed-free pond water

emory’s face when being offered
more dinner rolls
his body/gut already stuffed with three
and wanting to simultaneously fish/fall asleep
but still wanting to eat more
tiny pewter spoons in
tiny glass salt dishes
returned to their home in the hutch
before angela serves monstrous (delicious) portions
of fresh fruit and tres leches cake
makes me nostalgic
tyler says

of old footage – in particular at this moment,
the old footage of nina simone performing_______

i think it’s good she says
for a farmer to lose some crops sometimes
because it’s a reminder that
what we have is enough
which might be a great and humble notion

but not to a farmer who is losing some of their crops
(exhibit a: wilty un-robust blighty tomatoes in lookfar
exhibit b: the same description applied to cucumbers
in greenhouse and lookfar
exhibit c: the edamame that never came up. twice.
exhibit d: the empty soil blocks
which 5 seeds each of fall cabbage
were dropped into
that never sprouted
exhibit e: but the zinnias are beautiful)


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