music helps

mold/mildew prevention/remediation
pillows placed on
loft window ledge
_______discovered under the cover
of leaning tomatillo branches:
vacated snakeskin
thin and opaque

never seen before i say
of the iridescent earthworms
squiggling in north garden soil
as we dig up big purple-skinned potatoes


what was once bird body
now flat-pressed to
gravel tire tracks
re-sparking the internal debate about
whether to leave the body where it is or
to have followed the instinct to shift
it off to the grassy side
of the road
a tuft of flowers placed on top
of its worm-eaten body


carried all the way from colorado
from at least a week or more ago
sand dune grains
sifting out of hair

the pop of paper shell-burst
tomatillos as i
pluck them (first harvest) from stem
music helps izzi says
sweet and true advice from
a 14-year old
several states away

backroad run to
mennonite school and back
cough/gasp upon inhaling
cowshit vapors near the
fenced mudpatch where
haybale feasts are had

cut-paste clouds
the way they illuminate
same texture/quality
but different color in each
cardinal direction

when the night has come
and the land is dark
i sing in the tomatillos then
echo later on the backroad
upon sunset glimpse return




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