greeted home by horns

swollen missouri river’s
risen waters
(chocolatey and churning)
to my right as we
railroad along
surrounded by dense green
lushness reserved for
post-apocolypse scenes where
plants have taken over
unidentifiable and vining

smell of cucumbers in the hands of
a girl named jillian whose
going into 5th grade
and is headed to chicago seated
next to me

mica and i wiping the inside of
the windshield while windshield wipers wipe
and she discusses draft horses
crickets foot and
inspection reports

instability i say shifting
while i restate the case
for alone-ness

greeted home by horns and
missing-worthy news typed
on the front page of the newest
off-the-press sandhill mini
tucked into the popcorn cake
center-hole left by the bundt pan

emory and i laughing our
stupid faces off while the
photobooth camera clicks
and clicks away
preserving images of our
funhouse faces

sprtiz of vinegar lavender concoction
to clear away the film of
mold that has grown
in my absence
despite fan and open window
two 5 gallon buckets of
yellowed cucumbers hauled up
the road for seed-save scraping


upwards of six rainbows sighted
report from the desert mountain
monsoon lands lying south
and west of here
the screetch/scratch/pitch of
katydids, cicadas, frogs, grasshoppers
the pulsing of northeast missouri summer night


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