opposite the hollyhocks

kitchen clinking and
morning dance party tunes
window drifting onto porch where i
jump to plank and
pushup to downward dog
pulling thread through
thumbtacked holes i sew
paper to paper binding
surrounded by juniper
surrounding small sideyard firepit

fake hair brushing shoulders and
borrowed green and
dressed and poised
(with magazine) porch greeting
like a movie star she says from
the wrong era

practice with you i say
is kindof like going
to the river
double rainbow breaking
over the mountain on our drive
down this mountain and into town
might be the closest i’ve been to
the pot-of-gold-end i say

greggy, shave-faced leans in
opposite the hollyhocks full-bloom in wind-sway
to say your girlfriend
is gorgeous

amanda says over
the sound of the ale house band
how water on this side of the gorge
is two and a half maybe three year old water
and water on the other side is 5,000 year old water

purple-wigged and
swan-donning (matching top and skirt
swans facing each other whose necks make a heart shape)
we meet in the restroom katie
the sweet sparkling lead of the
dance party cover band

we sweat-shake laugh our
asses all around the ktao dance floor
this frolicking formiddable crew
taking this night as ours
regardless of whether or not
we know the lyrics

she spots a fox crossing the road
and says i know you’ve had
girlfriends who’ve been better
to you than me

the turns we take hot pink
lacing ourselves into
reclaimed rubber studded
how she hooks her feet around mine
and holds on to
my shoves and thrusts
in response to her gasps and squeal-screams
how i know this will make me sore tomorrowand how i look forward to carrying these filthy gaspy
head-hitting-wall-y moments in the ache
you she says fuck me
so good
green lace bra tossed to floor
her wet all over me at least
5 geyserings so that hours later
the bed is still a swamp


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