the gruesome mess of our circuitry

swish sound of raven wings
slicing air above while i
warrior one
and triangle
on slatted front porch
fingertips reaching to sky
sound sequence: first thunder
then rain on corrugated metal tree fort roof
then hail
apache plume
flowering along road
whose fluff and color remind me
of mimosa tree blossoms

liana yelling out car window
waving her arms git-get outta the road
to two collarless dogs taking
themselves for a walk

a series of disappointments she says
headed riverwards
it’s as if we each lift up a flap of our flesh/fabric
to expose for moments
the gruesome mess of our circuitry
it’s called cleve-ball i say
attempting to toss pebbles into sports bra
while the rio grande
(cool, fast, high and emeraldish) ripples past

like having a secret language i say
about sisters to which sancho agrees
and we discuss which parts of our cancerness, pisceanness
and scorpioness we relate to and how

quality of life debbie says talking about
the predicted oregon/washington/northern cali
before she shares with us the
cottonwood leaf and gingko leaf
carved into cherry wood she got
from a man she met on the internet
i can’t not eat a carbohydrate
that’s sitting in front of me debbie says about
sancho’s home-baked english muffins while
liana and i san peligrino sip and
burrito chomp
they call it the horseshoe she says
about the section of canyon-curve highway
her friend’s dad (and so many ohters) died on
night-sky stopover
we step out of cool ant to take in
and do a few slow dance moves
we waist-grab and neck-tilt to take it all in
before she tells me to let go
(i slump) and twirls and bends me
there might be a metaphor here

wherein i apply
generous amounts of vitamin e oil
across her nose bridge
her cheek rounds
her chin curve
heart-shaped junk store candle
casting dim glowwe move soft slow


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