thank you for storming

from ATV hurtling through field
bearing its special thistle thatching device
unexpected emotion-swirl upon answering

the story-corps question:
how do you want to be remembered?
it’s not how i want to be remembered
it’s that i simply want to be remembered
i want to be carried
in other people’s hearts
i want my story
to spin on

doughnut hats, dinosaur hats, trumpet hats,
merry-go-round hats, treasure map hats,
doilie hats, dusk hats, stove pipe hats<
propellered hats
we take turns naming what awaits us at the sand
dune summit in the imaginary
ridiculous hat cache as we
sand-plod our way
under sun

descent in multiple parts:
running as fast we can or
the run run run jump approach or
the kartwheeling flips
which I catch liana doing
in mid-air on camera


thank you for storming
so good with me she says
(referring to forming, storming, norming and performing)
as we lay in dune waters of medano creek
forming new sand shapes
around our bodies

65 miles per hour through
mountain views i hum/sing
hands on the wheel
all the songs i know most of the words to

vinnie, liana and i thumbing
through the audobon society book for
the rocky mountain region
she names what kind of ferret i am


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