the blood of other animals

morning lettuce harvest
slightly salted by
we fill bag after bag
due to unexpected desert
high germination rate

death by rice syrup nicole says
describing one of the three
chicken deaths this year
laid out on towels
around the side of the house with the one
who taught the magic/delight of sunbathing
while liana reads bad jokes
from a paperback
four teats the camel milk farmer/rancher says
behind his kiosk at elephant cloud food store
but with two ducts on each
it’s more like eight

rush-roar of crestone creek
(flowing at 400-some cubic meters per second
just last week) to our right
as we gently ascend
through aspens and wild strawberries (fruiting!)
and rue

the blood of other animals
on our legs, arms, ankles, elbows
due to inadvertent mosquito splatter

baby yaks galloping
across watery field
roadside wind in hair
deepblue/starkwhite cloudsky contrast
reflected in standing ditch/field water

it’s like you’re stretching in the water
two pre-teenish girls smilesay
about liana and i’s acro-yoga and
famous dirty cancing move in the

shallow end of the gigantic
hotspring fed pool
where, from the water, we can see
peaks risefalling
against eastern sky

rubbing vitamin E oil on our faces
in the backseat as the sun
singes mountain clouds pink-orange
on the edges

i always admire someone who can
go a whole day without smoking
marijuana nicole says while
filling her water glass at the cooler
while liana crops the pepsi bottle
out of the memorial speech videos


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