we wave on the light / teenage wild ones

great blue heron lands
at pond edge seen from dock
where we sunsoak clothesless
like a cowbird rachel makes a metaphor


rachel and i working our way down
the collards and kale i reveal my
perfectionistic tendencies
sound of clippers and scissor-snips
rachel’s thick straight locks
falling into grass
while emory looks on from rooftop
we joke about a twat gnat knuckle tatt

the scary that is loving someone
i say/write
i’m not scared anymore
they say it’s your birthday
well it’s my birthday too
we potluck circle sing-along in
celebration of tookie
turning (jokingly) 14
fledgeling bluejay
baby beak tip intact
shiver-shaking in
cupped palms
squawk of egon’s baby moscovies
toted around in plastic tub
from porch to
truck back to
bridge dance
how we lean over railing
and wave on the light
wave on the whistle/roar
wave on the engine heat
wave on the conductor
teenage wild ones bridge-written

dagny in all fuschia our
train bridge dance party choreographer
we move our limbs in
call and response order
under sunset-streak sky to
polish ambassador’s longest time remix
cache/stash of rocks-for-throwing
lined up along bridge edge
too early to see the
spark of ammo/train car collision

dagny wanting her mom
in truckback on oncoming-dark
ride back approaching off-road bumps
i draw her into my arm
cuddle her against my side
telling her it’s ok
as she cradles baby blue jay in her lap


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