fun someone suggests
as a knuckle tatt for the amish
farmer whose farm mica just inspected

first we set out on the small pond
in a canoe filled with rakes and buckets
for scooping duckweed
emory’s wasp sting howls emerging
from forest and by his cry
i conjecture the cause
how i chew up plantain
to suck the zing-sting away

the rhythm of weaving tomato trellis
followed by the yoga of
cucumber transplanting

not quite sunset we
walk past the garlic harvesters
with the towels we will surely need after
wading into duckweed pond-moss
stars and fireflies emerging
into duskiness i ordered them for you
i say to my west coast visitor

this is why i have friends who live
all over the place i say speaking of
the vicariousness of listening to rachel’s
experience of SF pride the year
that federal ruling passing same sex marriage
came to be
a story of the painting (with river, cabin and sky)
that became animated
i teach rachel the phrase tripping balls


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