death rising

ashby’s insistent meow coming from
somewhere in the look-farther tall grass
as we dig up red norland potatoes
from finally-drying clay soil

smell of death rising from
future sweet potato beds
halitosis trish says (did i get that right?)
that’d be a good name for a band i respond
you can take the guns out of the trailer
but you can’t take the guns out of the girl
tookie jokes down the dug-up row

sometimes you get the elevator baigz says
sometimes you get the shaft
telling the story of

how he almost did step into an elevator shaft after
his friends who did step into the elevator
dropped one floor

mulberry stains on fingertips
sound/rhythm of grub hoes
breaking up weed take-over in
chicken garden beds

i’m just gonna fill this up with water
i joke about the solo 4-gallon sprayer
strapped on my back and go for a run
at which stan laughs and suggests
an image of me misting myself
waving around the bend to
the person in the huge john deere tractor
that i assume is waving back
even though the reflection won’t
allow me to know for sure
baigz  hi-fives/cheers me as
i return redfaced from a
sandhill-to-trainbridge-and-back-again run

this evenings dinner circle up
consists of the garden crew who
improvs a dinner song about
the food served up on
the butcher block
(pesto potatoes
is one example)
wherein trish appears in her
unbelievably realistic
s.t.p. strapped on and
hanging out her short skirt
from the water world:
A girl plays under the waterfall at the fun bath in Endenich, a suburb of Bonn, western Germany.  – voice of america, day in photos

not from the water world, but speaking so many volumes, i want to share:
A crying elderly man is assisted by an employee and a policeman outside a national bank branch as pensioners queue to get their pensions, with a limit of 120 euros, in Thessaloniki, Greece. – voice of america, day in photos


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