in our wake

cricket in truck bed sniffing air
and blinking into the wind and
curling mouth open
dog-smile pulled far back
across her face while
her cheeks fill
with 50mph county highway air

emory up in the apple tree
while we (ty, tookie, baigz, trish and i) methodically
move down the cucumber bed
leaving uprooted weeds in our wake
first cucumbers of the season
(boston pickling variety)
sliced and arranged in a
circle on small metal plate/bowl
set out on butcher block for lunch

somethings-brewing kind of weather
(cool air/wind moving in and
a purpley horizon haze
that suggests but does not
actually feature lightning)
while i lower cucumber transplants
into mulch nests
tookie and i path-crossing in
lookfar we offer up our
harvests in exchange
(cucumber chomps for
a small handful of the
rotundest blueberries
plucked from stainless steel bowl)
ashby cat curled up
paws crossed
afternoon snoozing in
zinnia shade patch

somehow we (joseph and ty and i)
after circle-up
end up here
and here
like a mummy i say
only i’m not a mummy
want yr voice to
wrap me

searching tree trunk
for origin of treefrog sing/croak
creature given away by
throat-swell breathing/movement
same gray/black color as bark
small body tucked perfectly in
tiny hollow

wild chicory and wild carrot
(lilac-y purple against white)
lining road-side

sunset mist plus
summer storm/forest fire sky
(smudged gray-pink
shaded with purple)

from the water world:
Screen shot 2015-07-01 at 10.02.51 PM
Aiden (L) and Ty Johnston play under a fountain in Nottingham, Britain. – REUTERS/Darren Staples

People swim during the annual public Lake Zurich crossing swimming event in Zurich, Switzerland.


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