where the flood didn’t go

emory and i passing markers and
shimmery sparkle tape
back and forth as we
to the sound of
rainfall morning
yoga mats laid out side by side

em chataranga-ing and
downard dogging and
then i walk him through
bird of paradise
until he gets it but loses interest
when we get to crow/side crow

map or maybe atlas mica says
about the kind of turtle we
encounter on the back road
with bright yellow striped
(even its eyes are striped
she points out while we lean/look closely in)

made me teary i say
of these photos
Screen shot 2015-06-29 at 12.02.18 AM
Alejo Jumat, left, and his husband, Christian Crowley, after the court’s ruling was announced. The couple live in Washington and had biked to the Supreme Court.Doug Mills/The New York Times

Screen shot 2015-06-28 at 11.43.45 PMAfter 54 years together, George Harris, 82, left, and Jack Evans, 85, were married in Dallas on Friday.Larry W. Smith/European Pressphoto Agency

(which is a shift/turn
because mostly i haven’t paid the whole affair
much attention since:
1. it seemed anytime ‘same-sex’ marrige
was passed somewhere it was just as quickly repealed
so there was this pattern early on of
excitement followed by disappointment which
taught me to just not be excited any more
2. it will never
release all those without documentation
held in detention centers
it will never bring back
michael brown, eric garner, oscar grant (etc.)
it will never end the
violence of militaries and corporate greed and
all the wars/death that comes with it)
liana reports two deaths
one in the mountain waters
and one in el rio
which reminds me of the tale
of the hungry hungry river
once upon a summer
complete with suspension footbridge
and dog antics

i’m waiting i joke
until it’s legal to marry that
(animal print mashup) unitard

fox i see/point
scrambling into the corn cover
while we head out of town
something sorta thelma & louise
about trish and i on the backroads
in the truck navigating
where the flood didn’t go

travis lake drive or
something like that the sign
says leading to the property
whose fence posts are adorned
with all varieties of stuff:
pots/pans, satchels and purses,
winged figurines, an upside down mop bucket
flanked by vacuum cleaner
strapped to fence post
several examples of the kinds of kid-magic
fostered at dayna and gavin’s:
1. lofts built into every room
with a catwalk/bridge sometimes
connecting them
2. gavin closing the curtains and
queing up the music while
someone operates the spotlight
(flashlight) from loft railing above
by training it on the solo dancers
who take turns
in teh middle of the room
3. trampoline in the backyard
without any rules so we all pile in
first cicada of the season
heard from edina porch
while western clouds


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