like meeting a mountain

meeting those elders/women
was like meeting a mountain
cynthia says
humble and fierce

we don’t even know
what whole is
she mentions that crow story:
how crow flew too close
to the sun and was
charcoal-blackened and
that is when crow let out
that first caw
still too wet to weed
but i pull some grass up
from the zinnia beds anyway
and separate mud
from root
cheers, whoops and howls
drifting over to the ultimate field
from  a pondwardly direction

cynthia asks if i was
ever a gymnast or athlete of other sorts
based on my walking down-field
kartwheels and waiting for
the disc to be hucked handstands

pile of freshly inflated innertubes
piled/stacked/pyramided on the dock
plenty of floatage to be had by all
underwater swimming with
prayer hands atop my head
imitating shark followed by
trish and mica imitating scream

alyssa loading a cart already piled with
just-harvested garlic
green-yellow tops and
white rooty earthy bulb bottoms

chimney swifts
dive-bomb circling
not quite sunset while i
walk the cistern to inspect
opened sunflowers
(maroons, golds and lemon yellows)
orange thread zig-zagging
out of machine onto
leopard print


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