between two floods

morning reward for
last night’s ‘work’:
black rasbperry/black currant jam
spread generously on
buttered toast

the strategic placement of
plastic buckets on wet
front porch wood to
catch rain where the
plastic corrugated roof leaks

all pacific northwestern up in here
i say to baigz referring
to the rain which is the kind
that comes down all day slow
and steady under a heavy
gray sky

outside i command/ask/redirect
emory as he sounds (amazingly well)
the corroded trumpet

trapped between two
flooded spots tyler reports
from the road
on the way to kirksville
while mica looks up best routes on
the missouri dept of transporation site

monster cookie cake baked in
cast iron adorned with mini home-made
bees wax candles for bobbie
running on the back road
where the view breaks open to
sometimes a strip of shine
but this time
a whole stretch of shine
flooded flood plains
fields of corn appearing as glistening lake or
wide slow river

cow hooves thundering
as i run alongside the other side
of their fence only it isn’t
the usual rumbling as they
ramble through the  marshyness
more of a splatting


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