photos on his phone trish says
of the train engineer at zim’s
who shared photos of washed-out tracks
from all the other stopped/stranded engineers
after last night’s onslaught of rain
which followed the night before’s storm onslaught
(later, there’s word of roads closed too)
squish underfoot
in the yards
in the fields
in the gardens
standing water in the tomatoes
standing water next to the flowers

ashby’s loyal trot
behind me along underpass road
quickening whenever i turn my head to glimpse him
while we walk over drying gravel
through patches of shade then sun
tossing bright green leaves
into the creek’s high waters
and watching
the current carry them off
until they’re no longer visible
after curving around the bend
(something fabulous about) the angles
and repetition of lines/shapes
from the staking/nailing and winding
of cucumber trellises in the greenhouse

small but vibrant zinnia bouquet
(deep red, orange, yellow, cream, white, hot pink, lighter pink)
accompanied by a smaller handful
of bachelor buttons
in indigo and lavender
it isn’t until dinner that i
notice/realize the all day lack
of train whistles in the distance
rip/crack/thud of
huge oak limbs
on slater’s hill
that had been busted but hanging on
finally letting go
i catch a glimpse my loft window

joe covering his lip-bit mouth
saying don’t make me laugh
which sometimes makes us laugh harder

jam jam-a-thon
after dinner we begin
by mashing berries
(black raspberry, black currant, mulberry)
and then applying berry juice face paint
and laughing at/sometimes singing along to
the classic rock radio hits
the dance of baigz and i
every-othering our
removal of jam jars from
the boil bath with
implements that seem destined to fail
(and therefore create catastrophe)
we add an extra step to the rhythm by
eating a handful of kettle corn after
the placing of each sealed jar on countertop
from the water world:
An Indian man carries a boy to a safer place after their neighborhood was flooded, in Srinagar, Indian controlled Kashmir. – voice of america, day in photos


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