signs of an approaching

checking the weather online
report for 63563 says
a stray severe thunderstorm
is possible
must be hiring some poets over there
i joke

how i used the collarless collar
of thin blue skull/crossbones tshirt
to wipe the sweat from my upper lip
in between the weaving-of-baling-twine-
onto-tomato-trellis rhythm
stianless steel bowl
of fridge-cold
plumpety just-harvested blueberries
set on butcher block for dessert
(preceded by a meal featuring
the season’s first summer squash)

smell of spearmint
(solar dehydrated) infusing
front porch air as i strip
dried leaves from stems
with gusto one of us says
while we practice cornbread and butterbeans
with trish on banjo
mica and tookie on guitar
joseph on washboard
and emory on thimble and spoon

bleet bleeet bleeeet of
emergency broadcast system
coming out of the dual  purpose
hand crank flashlight/radio
as we (mica, tyler, baigs, joseph, emory, tookie, trish and myself)
wait out the storm
pounding against root cellar door
where we pass the dried pears and
patches of fruit roll up
considering i’m generally no good
in the case of emergencies
it is heartening that in the presence of a
possible emergency i:
1. review for emory (and the rest of us)
the signs of an approaching tornado
2. think to seearch out emory’s hand-crank radio
and go for the less best option when his can’t be found
3. suggest grabbing a book as we
rush through rain sheets to the root cellar

root cellar after-party:
some song none of us have
ever heard on the country
radio station
(the only station this radio picks up)
but we recognize it as danceable
so we dance
(baigz with the hip swivel
calls it the tornado
and emory laughs his
post-panic laugh)

another music practice hijacked
i joke while layering
sorghum and peanut butter
on a think slice of bread

vigilant at window post
listening: for a hush followed by
an endless thunderish rush/rumble
peering: at eerie yellow-gold-green sky
light radiating from the north
for swirling
writing in candlelight
amidst the sacred still silence
of power-out


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