cake belly and all

six blue rubber bands
gripped around my wrist while i
break kale and collard leaves
off at the stem

like blood baigz says of
his arms elbow-deep
in a steaming crock of
black currant wine
bright oranges (calendula, cosmos)
pinks/fuschias (cosmos, echinacea, yarrow)
blues/whites/purples/lavenders (bachelor buttons, cosmos)
yellows (rudbeckia)
stem-stripped and arranged in
water-filled quart jar
get in there i scold/encourage the sugar granules
as i toss them into the hot oil kernels popping
pan whose lid i lift for
several quick seconds
skinny mini she calls me
to which i don’t really know
how to respond so i
scrunch up my face

cake belly and all we
pedal into the almost-dusk of
whose glow stretches our biking shadows
across fields of a green so seeped it’s almost gold

solstice animal/creature moments
in three parts:
gibbous the ferocious hunter-cat
in the path between the broccoli and brussels sprouts
with a not-so-baby baby rabbit in his mouth
and me, firm but gentle picking gibbous up
by neck nape
as he grasps baby bunny in his teeth by neck nape
until he eventually lets baby bunny go
heather-gray and stunned
i enlist tyler to chase bunny off to

 three turkey vultures
perched on sandhill sign as i
approach on clyde
before they lift off with effort
into their air circles
above the field to the west
(something died there
i often think when i see
them circling)

what looks at first like a scorpion
near our wheels as we pedal south
heading to road-edge
we have to go back i insist
for a second glance
and we do
stop and straddle our bikes and lean in
to get a closer glimpse of this
ferocious kinda red/black shiny creature
with pincers who eventually
reveals its tail which reveals
its crawdad identity
what is it doing out here tyler asks
while we both note the significant
distance from a pond


a perscription of sorts
i say offering the
four of bones

from the water world:
Riot police use a water cannon to disperse anti-government protesters during a demonstration in Istanbul, Turkey
. – voice of america, day in photos


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