thank you for full-spectrum-izing me

she explains the difference
between a toad
and a frog
(look for the poison glands
behind the toads eyes)

my specialty in the garden she says
is destruction
you should put that on a trading card
i reply but don’t give it out
to the wrong people


western oriole/western tanager
she sees/says
after remembering a needle is
still technically a leaf
she talks to piñon trees
far as the eye can see
in the 7,000 foot desert

reserving a
special respect/honor
for observant people
she calls them brilliant

thank you for
full spectrumizing me
i say laying under the heart/round-leafed
red bud branches

baigz pouring grape juice
from mason jar and
plunking in frozen
melon chunks as ice cubes

trish’s tortilla press trick:
gallon bag cut open
to line the iron

like a seal tyler says about
the look-shape of
a whip-poor-will
dainty print pressed
into dried mud road
with claws
perhaps raccoon
perhaps something smaller

crescent moon mica says
and we step outside
greeted by silver sickle
descending alongside
the brightness of
jupiter and venus
hushed guitar and voice
(ty and tookie) drifting in the
darkness of uncandled unlit
upstairs karma
(including but not limited to:
wonderwall and in the air tonight)


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