your male conditioning is showing

6:30am awoken by
scritch/scratch behind paneling
pinkgold light
threading itself through leaves/branches

your male conditioning is showing
we joke at check-ins
about how none of us have
that much to say
about how we feel/how we’re doing

i trick myself
into running for 45 minutes
by committing to the standard 30
and then considering whatever comes next
without looking at the stopwatch
a bonus

how am i
supposed to get up
to serve myself seconds
i ask the ridiculous
curl of cuteness
in the form of a kitten
tucked at the intersection
of my ankles
of my cross-legged position
lightning bug
(black/red long beetly body
and a dot/circle on/near the head)
crawling onto my finger as
i stoop in the almost-dusk light
to pluck weeds and mash cabbage loopers
in the brassica beds
faded perma-markered 313’s
on the fronts of my thighs from
yesterdays tri-try
birthday-athalon antics
coyote balm applied to
wrists and symmetrical
behind-the-knee mosquito bites
the tricky but crucial part
according to mica
of making kettle corn
is tossing the sugar in
while the kernels begin to pop
the seemingly endless
of mason jar against
cool terra cotta-ish tile
after tumbling from
dish rack
10something p.m.


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