extra hoot-and-holler/flitting and shining

coffe-milk morning
alt-j on play
while i roll out cracker dough
flat as possible
after clearing/cleaning kitchen
in honor of
42-year old mica
and her new rotation around the sun
the tri-communities try-athalon crew
hooting and hollering and
bicycle bell ringing as we
make our way along
the up/down hills
sometimes blacktop
sometimes gravel

how we extra hoot-and-holler
on the section of pavement
where the participants display
their fancy bicycle tricks
mica, em, baigz and tooks each
sporting their team-shred
reconstructed tshirts

let it all hang out tooks jokes
feel the breeze i chime in
as joseph tugs his shorts
while we all start off running
through the prairie then
bottomlands forest
and back into prairie again
before wading into pond under
bright blue cotton puff cloud sky

pond-side i toss
popcorn towards the mouths of:
but the breeze insists
on shifting the kernels
hilariously off-target
(cricket nosing around on the ground
reaping the benefits of the mishaps)
the secret is pineapple juice
i tell mae about
the extra-deliciousness of the
fruit-floating fizzy drink
that we ladle
into our mugs and chug
pig call sooooooooooWHEEEE
joseph and i laughing
our asses off everytime
dottie calls out
while we walk the path
away from the pond
lightning bug in my room
flitting and shining
on this side of the screen
from the water world:

An aerial view shows streets being flooded by an overflowing river after heavy rainfall hit Liuzhou, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, China. – voice of america, day in photos


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