ear-muffled ting!/thud of
post-pounder meets T-post
in the tomato beds
sweat beading at edges of
yellow plastic ear muffs
sexy bitch sunglasses
tyler reports the purchase
not made at dog and gun
just before presenting a
one-dollar typewriter to trish
at five dollars i say it seems
like the idea of them (the sunglasses)
is better than the actual thing
tookie’s post-lunch doughnut delivery
we split the powdered and filled
(blackberry, cherry and creme)
things in half
and chomp

with tiny tweezers i pull
tiny tick off upper outside thigh

never give up!!!! ted calls
from the far end of the field
as i tail june into the endzone
but not close enough
drizzle drops landing on
pond surface
mica and i observe
the water collision beading effect
we toss in a joke about silicone

toon’s teal toenails
and the contrast/complement
of bright red blood
(must have scraped myself)
blooming near his ankle
flock of kids on
pond dock diving
kartwheeling and
straight-up tipping over and falling
into murky and refreshing water below
rumply bumpy swamp-cuteness
in the form of a throat-pulsing
sand/mud-covered toad
outside my window
under overhang

just out of the oven
home-made bagel
sliced into pieces with a
dollop of butter on the side
set on porch table-bench for
post dinner sample feast


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