bloom or almost

does this look like a marsh?! i say
in the strawberry beds

to both tookie and baigz
while discussing the mallow flowers
in bloom or almost
when i close my eyes
i say

i see smartweed
(which apparently is a side effect of
the hours and hours spent
ripping smartweed from
lookfar beds
specifically tomatoes and tomatillos)

whine/hum of yellow
crop duster plane
zooming over
back and forth

silvery carp scale
in emory’s hand and i
pass it along to tookie
looks like a contact i say

post-swim draped
up in apple tree we pass
green sour fruit around
taking tiny teeth-scractch bites

kittens nuzzled around
my neck
ear-purring in stereo
slight lightning glowing above us
through corrugated roof


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