thunders in / thunders out

quarter teaspoon of goldenseal powder
swirled with water in
white teacup
bitter/mediciney and
the flavor of six years ago
when my future had a different arc and
when sole in her gnome hut
healed me with the same root
swirled with water and a spoonful
of meadowfoam honey
first i curse at
the staple gun
for not landing staples where i intend
punch after punch
but then have to laugh at the scene
stringing cucumber trellises in the greenhouse
corrine questions
the difference between
an intention and a hard rule/agreement
in such a scenario
and i stumble on the word trust

emory dives into
unplanted bed
mud-paints his face
his arms
while baigz crawls along
the potatoes
pulling chunks of weeds
from the bed
both of them

naked and pond-fresh

sheltered inside hoophouse
i hold mud-covered hands out along its edge
to rinse them in the rain-runoff
as the squall thunders in, peaks
and thunders out

how i do this dance
(between hoophouse shelter in the squall
and tomato-weeding in the drizzle/sun)
in barefeet and wet shirt
more than once
smartweed mostly i say
when mica asks what’s going on
(in terms of weeds) in the tomato beds
while i mix the dough
in stainless metal bowl

cookie delivery! i announce
while placing plate of
chocolate chip/peanut butter/oatmeal cookies
on the desk in front of
emory and joseph
on movie night
(showing tonight: over the hedge)
joan and tyler
in near-dark
quiet on the front porch
(where a dark hat on the couch
is mistaken
for a cat
multiple times)
as the rumbling and lightning
move in
mini-jaunt on the semi-circle of road
where the wind
sweeps gustily in
which serves as a sign
that the deluge is not far behind
lightning bugs adrift in
lightning-lit scape

from the water world:

People bathe in Kyonhtaw waterfall in Myaing Gyi Knu township, Kayin state, Myanmar. – voice of america, day in photos

Distressed persons wait to be rescued by sailors and marines aboard the amphibious dock landing ship USS Rushmore in the Pacific Ocean, in the Makassar Strait in Indonesia. USS Rushmore rescued 65 people after they were discovered floating on bamboo rafts tied together, with no means of propulsion. (handout photo by the U.S. Marine Corps.)  – voice of america, day in photos


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