moved by water

upon spotting the eagle
above us mica jokes about
feeling free
and brave
(and proud i say
and like shooting things june says)

gliding along
the chocolate-milk-looking waters
we identify trees
grabbed onto the banks
and sometimes arching over/fallen in:
cottonwood, willow, maple, sycamore, catalpa
dancing twigs we call them
the random poker-upper
doing its swirly back forth jig
moved by the water wake
butterfly hitching a ride
on mica’s shirtsleeve then
landing on my toe
and crawling onto my finger
and kicking it there for a good while

what if botanical correctness
became a thing like
political correctness i pose
from my middle perch in the canoe
paddled with one wooden paddle
and one crappy plastic
we pull over to
rise up and out of the water to
survey the sky/clouds
which we don’t need to see
to hear the thunder steadily rumbling

sighting: turtle shells lodged into
sandy bank edge
giving themsevles away with their
orb-like shape and whiteness

other sightings:
greath blue herons dinosaur-calling across sky
wood duck with its pack of young sqwaklings bobbing on water-top
at least five deer along the way leaping up from their cozy nap-spots along bank
two owls (tan and white) taking flight from creek/river edge ledge
turtles running and slipping into the murky waters
bleted kingfischers sporting that fancy headfeather array
cliff swallows circle swarming us as we row under their neighborhood of mud-nests built along bridge edge

not an injury mica says
but it hurts about the pinky
of her hand that one (of the
many we encountered) aggro carps
body-slammed into

bright orange of
chicken of the woods
at tree base along banks
catching my eye
look at my haircut frankie! emory announces
upon our arrival
and i motion for him to
spin around in his green shirt so
i can see the 360
blue-black stains
on fingertips
evidence of
this season’s first
mulberry feasting

this clash of
life/nourishment against the looming
possibility of violence/death

A local resident carries bread as a Ukrainian serviceman stands guard in the village of Novotoshkivske near the frontline with pro-Russian separatists, eastern Ukraine. – voice of america, day in photos


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