trust more

while we work our way from
west wall to east wall
plaster/cement coat number two
we joke about
the frankie danger character
(who always says
i can’t hear ya
over the noise of my hog)
consuming only
slim jim’s and cigarettes

mica holds out the
plastic ice cream gallon
and offers sweet bright red
bush cherries
while the rookie crew cleans
the shit out of some
plastering accoutrements
red-spotted purple butterfly
(official name, though more appropriate
might be red-orange/white/light blue – spotted blackblue)
on same rock in same spot
on road
an hour or two after i
spotted it there the first time
still enough that the creature allows me
to pick him/her up
and place her/him back down again
after baigz and i hug
he cheers you’re still here!
to which i cheer back
YOU’RE still here!
ducking under

during post-run pond swim
to ditch the buzz-buzz-whine fly
orbitting my head
i’m not writing about the kittens

not because i don’t care
but because of the overwhelm
of not knowing which
detail to pick
though the sideways hop
with sortof arched back
is a favorite

scoping the site for
future (near future)
outdoor kitchen
gibbous the cat and
cricket the dog
lounging on nearby mini hay stack

doppleganger we call
gibbous’s look alike
(though slightly fluffier
and with a more human-looking face)
who appeared sometime
this week
i’m letting myself

trust more i tell shiz
after we joke about
me in the backseat
while they’re at the drive-through
throwing popcorn
at gina’s head

first the fold
then the hole-poke then
the pulling waxed thread through
313 (of 313) i ink
onto the inside cover


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