rickety rhythm

in the dream i had
a hard time making
a decision about our plans
for the evening so you
rolled your eyes and went
out with your friends
in addition to some other element
of the stress of staying in other
people’s spaces/travel and my
desire to just sit with you
(plus, i had already added
the salts to the bath)
rickety rhythm of rigged-up cement mixer
(wobbling wheels and strong belts and
detachable motors bungee-corded on)
turning as we trowel cement in batches
of varying thicknesses/waterynesses
onto the chicken wire layered over the
bulging shapes of the earthen bag walls
rookiez tookie suggests
(as we three – tookie, tyler and me –
head south on MM in a truck that may
or may not be loaded with too much
weight in the form of sand and portland cement mix)
for the name of the new TV
show idea starring the rookie crew
(rookie prairie burn crew
doing a prairie burn,
rookie plastering crew
taking on the greenhouse plastering project
and other adventures and mishaps)
and we laugh about how
everything is weirdly funnier
when we pretend it’s being filmed/
we’re watching it unfold as an episode

two black-tailed deer spotted
on our drive to town and one
white-tailed on our return trip

write what moves you/
what you feel drawn to
it will do the same to/for others
recalling the wisest advice that
keeps echoing back
given by AV over caramels in a hammock

primal scream playing on the
bass-heavy portable speaker
this one’s for you, franks dj chen daddy
which brings me to
the mid-90’s: basketball in the driveway
waupaca lakes raft-sunning
jeremy who drove the old mail jeep barefoot
the carved skin asterisk
a welt from a sharp but friendly towel whip


first mini-bouquet of the season
plucked from weedless flower bed
in north garden
(the orangeyness of calendula
mixed with the fuschia/deep purple
and white of cosmos)
noticing speck of bruise on
bicep still left one week
after your departure

smell of popcorn
(perfectly mica-made kettle corn
as a handful sample reveals)
accompanied by the sound of the
triplets of belleville playing
in karma living room

yr such a chrysalis she says
you live in a human utopia,
i live in a wild utopia

i’m there with them i say
as they howl through their transformations

from the water world:

Migrants, who were found at sea on a boat, collect rainwater during a heavy rain fall at a temporary refuge camp near Kanyin Chaung jetty, outside Maungdaw township, northern Rakhine state, Myanmar.
– voice of america, day in photos

Screen shot 2015-06-04 at 10.05.14 PM
Namdeo poses with his wives Shivarti (L) and Bagabai (R) outside their house in Denganmal village, Maharashtra, India. In Denganmal, some men take a second or third wife just to make sure their households have enough drinking water. Becoming what are known as “water wives” allows the women, often widows or single mothers, to regain respect in conservative rural India by carrying water from the well quite some distance from the remote village. When the water wife, who does not usually share the marital bed, becomes too old to continue, the husband sometimes takes a third and younger spouse to fetch the water in metal pitchers or makeshift containers. REUTERS/Danish Siddiqui

Screen shot 2015-06-05 at 12.42.55 AM
A child jokes in a street flooded by the rising Rio Solimoes, one of the two main branches of the Amazon River, in Anama, Amazonas state. According to the state Civil Defense, more than 250,000 people were affected in the State with strong rains. REUTERS/Bruno Kelly


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