in the opening

the snap (on repeat)
as baigz and i work
our way down
the beds of german hearty garlic
breaking off the scapes
and dropping them
into five-gallon buckets

unable to think
of kesha’s name i
say you know, party girl
to tookie from my ladder perch
in the lookfar cherry trees while
singing the few words i know
looking sick and sexified
tonight we’re going hard hard hard har har hard
just like the world is our our our our our ours

like a sport trish says
aggressive of the way
baigz and i toss
unpitted cherries into
stainless steel bowls so
hard that they make
a resonant reverberation
while trish works the
little pitting machine
atop a mason jar
overwhelm – another word for
george(bunny)’s birthday brunch spread
set out on butcher block
consisting of:
eggs (scrambled and fried)
banana cream pudding
plus fresh whipped cream and
just-plucked strawberries to top it off
and the afterthought of something green

histamine reaction in full
effect as i hula-hoe and handweed
the look-far spiral
snot drooly-dripping
from nose/face into soil

dropping rough/unsmooth shaped seed
(chard) into a rut in the
marvelously weedy/clayish soil
and covering it up again

the spies left a note
about burglaring and
their 7-year old and 10-year-old giggles
in the next room give them away

cricket running alongside
sometimes licking my calves
as me and my bronchial infection
and ovary/sciatic pain
and allergies make our way
down dirt road and back

powdery moon wafer
in view in the opening
between two trees
upon return-from-sunset walk
through orchard

reporting live from
cool ant, truly
she says

from the water world:
A woman and some students wade in the shallow part of a rocky beach to their school on the first day of the classes in Sitio Kinabuksan, Kawag village, Subic, Zambales Province, north of Manila, the Philippine
s.   – voice of america, day in photos


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