torches at the front

hap-py birth-day! i announce
to emory upon first sighting
a cosmo bloom for you i say
and hand him the fuschia-petaled wonder

two tupperwares
of joseph-made
ice cream
(one ginger and
one black walnut)
on snack table
slowly melting

a storm of hole-punch
paper confetti scattered
across front porch
(mostly white
some yellow
some grey)

ashly in pin(k)-striped coveralls
plus gold grown on head-top
mistaken for me

aluminum bat ting!
as each fantastically costumed kid
takes a wack at the home-made fish-lure piñata


how we talk/joke under our breaths
(geez, can’t anyone have a private
conversation around here?)
and how we laugh/howl
with dinnerplates/bowls in our hands

cacophony of colors and sound
flags in the air
instruments in hand
torches at the front
we wind around the gravel road
towards the fire pit

niblings george shares
the gender-neutral word that has fallen out of use
for niece / nephew

uck-fay the olice-pay
george raps it out
around birthday bonfire
eyes face-paint blackened
like a racoon

blaze and swirl
as baigz steps away from the circle
to spin flame

like refurbished dollhouse furniture
she compares herself to
tiny fixed up miniatures
we’re really doing this


loft window-hanging prism
sifting almost-full moonlight
into specks of rainbow fleck

from the water world:
A girl cools off herself in the waters of the river Ganges on a hot summer morning in Allahabad, India.  – voice of america, day in pictures

same reason
kathe kollwitz
drew the print
with the text never again war
(in no time
will this ever
make any sense) :

A Syrian man raeacts over the body of his son following reported shelling by rebel fighters in Aleppo’s Jamilia district. – voice of america, day in photos

kathe kollwitz print:


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