to patch

hunting my feet
i describe the manner in which
ashby woke me this morning
at 5:35 a.m.
in time for sunrise
snippet gazing

squeak of sugar snap peas
(first harvest) rubbing against
each other as we grab handfuls
from metal bowl
what if they used barrels
of swedish fish
to re-stock our pond i ask
on the porch after lunch

itchyness of skin scratch
where kitten claws
(accompanied by mewing)
dug in

frantic buzz sound of
fly newly stuck to uncoiled fly strip
as i arrange sprigs of spearmint
on dehydrating racks
in karma kitchen
panorama swirl of
gray sky storm-brew
steel gray against blue gray against silver gray
woven cloud layers varying in
density and depth

emory offers the
black/white zebra tape
to patch cracked matching wristband

you put the super in super-hero
she says from a windy parking lot

where taos mountain looms/looks over


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