sparkly again

i like penetration in the morning
she reveals naming what her body has already confessed to
morning skinsweat mixing

with last night’s
how we curl
into, murmuring
not yet awake
we give – take

ashby’s paw print in soft
cistern-side mud
while i trowel-dig
and drop sunflower starts in
spotted in
flower bed, north garden:
first cosmos bloom
a fuschia petaled star
atop skinny stem

sparkly again
i report in afternoon meeting check-in
emory and nina calling out
from up in the pine
storm spotters reporting
cloud mass five miles away

she explains
glitter tattoo pen in hand
traces the exposed rise-falls
we can cross naked sunbathing
(on a dilapidated dock)
to lesbionic music
(beth hart and kristin hersh)
off our list

under locust trees
to the sound of red-winged blackbirds
we call out cloud shapes
in the menagerie:
a hedgehog
a negative space butterfly

moss slippers i call them
(though really it’s algae)
of the drapey green things
emory and simon and then i
lift with our toes/feet
off algae-tastic pond surface
UP!!! alyson calls as i
toss a doughy disc of
gluten-free flatbread
in liana’s direction
across the stocked
potluck table
liana pouring
chamomile lemon balm spearmint tea
through too big of a strainer
into too small of a cup
while ashly and i
sip and giggle
under a ring/cloak of
gray/pink/all qaulities of light-carrying and deflecting clouds
we shoot gravel road footage
we take us to church

selkie-sporting (but too humid
to be smooth) contact improv jam
of ridiculousness plus
twerkish feats and achievements
popcorn hands
turning tarot cards
on rumpled blankets
from the water world:
A fisherman collects spilled crude oil at the Pantai Teluk Penyu in Cilacap, Indonesia’s Central Java province,  in this photo taken by Antara Foto. Damage to PT Pertamina crude oil unloading facility at 16 nautical miles south of Cilacap’s shore caused 14,000 liters of crude oil to leak and pollute the coastal waters, according to Antara.  – voice of america, day in photos

A dinghy overcrowded with Afghan and other immigrants is towed by a Greek coast guard patrol boat into the port on the Greek island of Kos following a rescue operation in a part of the Aegean Sea between Turkey and Greece. – voice of america, day in photos


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