revealed under shining

morning sight from couch-perh of sleep:
liana sunk and sleeping deep into
part-deflated air mattress
running the nature’s classroom property we
stop at the shores of lake beulah and
lake ______ where a turtle is seen
a great blue heron is spotted
beaver dams are pointed out
and the lives of little fish are
revealed under shining water

not long before
april breaks out the
glue gun in order
to affix a pin/bracket
to a tiny unicorn

riding the second wave
of lilac-bloom-scent
(possible due to
being a hardiness zone or two
north of where we just came from
where the lilacs
died off several weeks ago)
are you still out there
creating and breathing love and questions
into things allison asks
from her post in nebraska

gas station search
for spearmint leaves candy
mint m&m’s hastily purchased
as stand-in

dezi shows me
the carriage house where
now the chickens roost

red bulb glow on
madison co-op front porch
dezi and i trade
tales that have unraveled
since our last reunioning
whir of bikers
occasionally pedaling past
i send my salt-lick arms
i say for wrapping
and rustling


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