snickerdoodles and soymilk

trish reaches into tupperware and
hands me two
chocolatey oatmeal cookies
for the road

the sweetness of
(you get one shot
call out emory and simon
as i’m heading to cool ant the car
packed up)
tossing the ball
and sinking it
how we howl at the
great blue shine of mississippi
threading itself under
the cable suspension bridge
we roll across
light and wind ruffling
roadside grass
while we cruise through/alongside
this song soundtracking the momentum
while i mention moving through
trees vs. fields
of course i do written in
glitter tattoo pen across
the pirhana’s thigh
cast in windshield-filtered sun patch


like promise rings i say
about our PLEZ – URRE
bff-type bracelets
laughing into sky
milemarker 113 on
39 north
swath of silver foil
ensnared on roadside tree
sandhill crane in flight
we cheer out/chant
sandhill crane!
sandhill crane!

subdivision pull-over where we
lean in as
schoolbusses pass
in celebration of six
we agree on six
backyard brookfield ziplining
from treehouse to tree
and trampolining and frisbee
eli on our farewell asks
of liana so what does that make you?
a cousin?

driveway goodbyes with a
sendoff of clothing time-capsule
(homecoming dress
super-patched baggy jeans
independent hooodie)
as soon as gold spills
through tree limb silhouettes
we follow the salem witch trial path
through blooming honeysuckle
towards the scent of wood smoke rising
from the fire pit
not without having to dodge
the sock balls tossed
across the field
(where liana grabs my hand
and we run to shelter
of the other side)
that’s what i was
basically saying to you earlier
she leans in to relay amongst snickerdoodles
and soymilk referring to the
put a ring on it song
playing on stage that the
returning students lip sync to

a karaoke so casual
it’s mostly only us at the well-lit double-d
where we write our requests on
a napkin nominating/volunteering
the reluctant others
(how i hold the mic out to geoffrey
during the cecilia chorus)
liana hype mans/whirling dervishes around
and natalie and i give our best
back-to-back air guitar while we
home-sweet-home it





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