kinda star, maybe planet

yoga mats rolled out
on top of cistern
liana and i take turns
leading vinyasas
that include
(but are not limited to)
bird of paradise
side crow
wild thing

the ruckus of a pack
of pissed off protective robins
defending their young from
a orange-gold juniper-climbing
hunting cat by the name
of gibbous

sendoff/cheer to
cynthia and marie as they pedal off
on their 40-mile return journey
towing a trailer of baby veggie plants
in their wake

ty, tookie and i
windows down on our way
laughing our asses off
to the great oreo ball gala
of 2015 also known as
nay nay’s graduation

on the ride back
tookie vocalizes the
instrumental parts
in the yeah song
take that and rewind it back

how oaks like to hybridize
she says as we three walk
under black locust blossoms
how there are more varieties than names/knowledge
and how it’s unusual for plants/trees
to hybridize themselves
because that’s the thing
humans do to trees/plants


looks like someone just
went like this i say
holding an invisible pen in my hand
and making a little squiggle-drawing gesture
in regards to the scribble of a cloud
turning pink over horizon

kinda star, maybe planet i say cocooned
about the brightest
glow in the sky
that comes in and out of view again
with each sway of the hammock that
holds us


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