in the dream
a gymnasium spot-filled
with yoginis
rolling out my mat i arrange for
more space

in the space that was
once bed i
peaceful warrior and
morning light thrown down
onto mat and
arms and

in the future spiral bed
hula-hoeing we
attempt to explain/practice harmonizing
beginning with i’m a little teapot
and ending on when i fly
let me fly
like a bird
with no regrets


alyson and i discussing the finer
elements of fuck youness, we’re fabulousness
body-reclaiming theory while
we dry off and re-dress
post-frisbee at pond edge

unnamed phenomenon:
the politeness and restraint with which
a gathering of people exercise
to leave the last:
cookie, muffin, slice of cake/pie etc. uneaten

motown philly
clocking in at three minutes and 55 seconds

matching the duration of today’s ab challenge plank hold
i press play and start
the timer and we hover/hold
(and dolphin, and hold…)


dangling gold mardi gras beads
for holden held in neighboring lap
small hands grabbing on

brightly colored
jolly rancher jellybeans
in silver bowl on
front porch bench-table


our fieldest of fields
i refer to look-fartherwhere we spent late morning
bare footed and hilling
potatoes with too-short hoes


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