glimmer back-and-forthing

gonna catch me plantin’ verty
they see me diggin
i’m plantin
droppin compost
for the tomatillos
my plant is so tall
it’s swayin
got my trowel and starts
that’s all i’m sayin

tuft of black locust flowers
wind-tossed to garden ground
how i hold the white branch blooms
to my face and inhale
dropping small
calendula and marigold and strawflower starts
into trowel-dug holes
while wind ruffles their
young leaves

squeak two tree limbs make
(sounding almost bird or cat-like)
against each other
when convinced to sway
by the wind moving through

mica and tookie in the horse-radish
while i trowel small holes
around the cistern and drop
sunflower starts in
marked by pink flags staked
into ground

hummingbird glimmer
back-and-forthing in greenhouse
where i lift the tiniest
sweet williams
and painted tongue and portula
into their upgraded dwellings

roxette/ace of base/bette midler
sing along in order to
distract/relieve trish’s
stick-and-poke arrow pain

ty, dave, mica, tookie, ash and i
laughing over
line-picture-line pages
that got lots of mileage
off of an electrical cord
a song lyric and
sandhill soft serve

from the water world:
A police officer keeps an eye on demonstrators as a water canon clears barricades in the Nyakabyga district of Bujumbura, Burundi. Days of deadly clashes have rocked Burundi since the ruling party nominated President Pierre Nkurunziza to stand for reelection on April 25 for a potential third term in office. –
voice of america, day in photos


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