particular sound of
plastic clattering on wood
(spilling crayola markers
out onto table top)
emory and i commence creating

sandhill newspaper #5
which includes a fishing feature
and maypole illustration

these kids are like aspen trees-
all their roots are connected,
a chain reaction of grief
shiz says about
the twins’ pet dog death
the night before and their
coming to school the next day
little bodies, big feelings


the plant
green-leafing itself
vining into
karma kitchen
trapped between
screen and window

electrical cords and belts
she says and i ask if she felt
unsafe in the house she grew up in
sometimes, she says, and when we were
old enough, we spent as much time away
as possible
that’s not what i carry with me though,
what i carry is that our mom
would lie to my sister and i
over and over again
just to pit us against each other
this is one of the places
my mother comes from
like a journalist
i dig past the
it’s difficult to translates
not to exploit
but to uncover spirals of
from the water world:
Residents along Manila Bay play in the waves created by nearby Typhoon Noul as it approaches the northern Philippines.  – voice of america, day in photos


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