always an homage

pastel pallet glowing
out of darien-made vase
lilies (a pale yellow kind and a
cool purple gray kind)
peonies (first bloom)
and one strand of bleeding hearts
table-center set

pressing the biscuit cutter
through 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch thick dough
rolled out on marble slab and
placing the doughy pucks
on an oiled tray
this action always an homage
not always knowing to what
(the character in bastard out of carolina?
grandpa siedlewski?
my prep cook life?)


the lone and gigantic
morel mushroom
that joe discovered while mowing
growing right under our noses
just off the side entrance to
the front porch

the shine in june’s eyes
as we hug hello
and the not knowing

how mica cuts
the engine for a moment
of forest/quiet
on the hayless hay ride
test drive

ashly halving each cookie
on potluck table so there
will be enough for all

this is your land day chad says
along with something about not
giving it up/losing a good thing
if he could

do it all over again

white flower wreaths
woven from yard-side shrubbery
whose name i forget
and perched on many-a-head
in the festively-dressed
land-day crowd

ashly, ty and i
picnic table perched
and joking about
purchasing our peanut gallery passes
to the show me state games
and how the excitement for peanut gallerying
eclipses the excitement for tossing the disc

41st land day stan says
in the giant pre-potluck circle
and 28th mayday

tiny pouch pinned to
mae’s lapel for
carrying the tiny mouse
when she’s not carrying it
in her palm (with a potluck buffet)
or in a plastic portable cage/house
she was a stray he says
about the dog named river
starved skinny when we found her
so she’s always been pretty
protective/weird about food
flush of gold-orange sparks
rising skywards
as baigz tosses/rearranges
logs/limbs on the
brick-ringed fire of
bon(fire) proportions


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